ATO fighter Taras Avatarau gets 5 years in prison

Taras Avatarau, 29 today was sentenced to five years in prison for illegal actions with regard to weapons and ammunition and smuggling under Article 295-2 and Article 228-2 in the Penal Code of Belarus. The sentence n the case of the Navapolatsk resident who returned from eastern Ukraine was pronounced at Frunzenski Disrtrict Court in Minsk. Avatarau will serve his term in a high-security colony. He may appeal the verdict within ten days.

ATO fighter detained at Minsk train station: Pistol was not for combat

Avatarau was detained at the train station in Minsk in late November 2015. The official statements from law-enforcement bodies said he was a fighter with Right Sector. A protective vest, signal pistol and an improvised explosive was reportedly found on him.