Belarusian football coach converts to Islam to get married in Indonesia

Aleh Kuzmianok /

Aleh Kuzmianok / /

Aleg Kuzmianok, former head coach of the Haradzeya football club and assistant to Ihar Kriushenka in the Belarusian national team from 2017 to 2019, got a job in Malaysia this year. It is the academy of the club "Kuching City." At first, the 49-year-old Kuzmianok worked with young boys, but in April, the Belarusian was made head coach of Kuching City U-23, writes Tribuna.

The coach moved from Indonesia to Malaysia. In 2019-2021, Kriushenka coached the club Persikaba there, and Aleg Kuzmianok was on his staff. To get married in Indonesia, he converted to Islam. His wife is the daughter of a businessman. They have one child. This is the third marriage for the Belarusian coach. The last time he came to his homeland was in 2022 "to settle domestic and family issues" (at that time, he still had a legal wife in Belarus).

Coach Aidil Sharin dragged Kuzmianok to Malaysia, with whom they worked for a while. Since 2019, Belarusians have never learned Indonesian, much less Malay. He also needs help with English. Therefore, they have to manage the team with the help of an interpreter. On May 21, Kuching City U-23 will play its first official match under his leadership.

The publication said Kuzmianok is fully immersed in football, so he hasn't had time to move his family to Malaysia.

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