Belarusians spend almost 40% of all expenses on food - Belstat

Money, sample photo 

Money, sample photo  /

As much as 38.8% of all expenses of Belarusians goes to food. These are the results of a sample survey of households in the first quarter of 2024, reports Belstat.

Available resources per household in the first quarter averaged 2,221.4 BYN per month. At the same time, in cities and towns they amounted to 2343.5 BYN per month, and in rural settlements - 1824.7 BYN per month.

And cash expenses per household averaged 2,131.6 BYN per month, of which 1,520.4 BYN (71.3%) were consumption expenses. It is easy to calculate that after paying expenses the average household has about 90 BYN left.

In the structure of consumer spending 38.8% is spent on food, 33.9% on purchase of non-food products, and 24.7% on payment for services.

На харчаванне ў беларусаў ідзе амаль 40% усіх выдаткаў — Белстат
Budget of Belarusian Households / Belstat

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