Belarusian musicians with largest number of listeners revealed

The group "Molchat Doma" / Euroradio

The group "Molchat Doma" / Euroradio

The music blog "Klik" has collected data on the number of listeners on the Spotify platform of various Belarusian musicians. As a result the rating was made:

1st place - Molchat Doma, 2.36 million listeners in August;

2nd place - OBLXKQ, 1.22 million;

3rd place - Findmyname, 861 thousand listeners;

Max Korzh (809 thousand) and Tima Belorusskikh (730 thousand) are next on the list. The top ten also includes Romantica, LSP, Nikitata, BI-2 and YHHB.

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