Protests in Belarus

Latest news about protests in Belarus.

Activist Piotr Markelau / archive

The Swedish corporation responded to the action of the activist Piotr Markelau with pepper spray.

Tsikhanouskaya's photo next to Hitler's photo in the book / MOST

The Prosecutor General published a book with many errors.

Belarusian passport/

KGB may soon be able to prevent any citizen of Belarus from leaving the country.

They discussed helping Belarusian bloggers and media / sample photo

They talked about how to promote Belarusian independent content and block propaganda.

Home of Valery Tsapkala trashed by security forces in Minsk / Facebook

He spoke harshly of civil society

Karyna Kazlouskaya /

She wrote she was stressed after 2020

The changes will take effect in ten days / BELTA

On Wednesday, the document was published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

Siarhey Adarykha

BELTA deputy general director Siarhei Addarykha gets 5 years in prison for passing restricted information to the opposition.

Maybe GUBOPIK will record a repentance video of itself? / GUBOPK doors pictured

GUBOPIK may be in trouble