Here's how many people at BSU were expelled and fired for politics in 2020-2023

Andrei Karol has been the rector of BSU since 2017

Andrei Karol has been the rector of BSU since 2017 /

We now know how many in BSU fell under repression in 2020-2023. According to the Cyberpartisans, 140 students were expelled (all but one - Belarusian citizens) and 50 teachers were dismissed (another 2 received reprimands, and 3 - warnings). The leadership of the BSU reported about this in a letter to the prosecutor of the Maskouski district of Minsk. It is emphasized that these people participated in "unsanctioned mass events" --  Andrei Karol promised in a video message in August 2020 not to punish anyone for participation in those peaceful protests.

The Cyberpartisans note that "these figures do not reflect the full picture of political repression at the university." Many more faculty members have been forced to resign "by mutual agreement." Since 2020, some 450 people have left in two years alone.

And Сyberpartisans also obtained an audio recording in which Rector Andrei Karol says that in 2020-2023 at least 500 employees (the university employs about 3 thousand people) fell under the "political purge" at BSU.

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