Russification of Kupala Theater continues

Russian-language program of the Kupala Theater

Russian-language program of the Kupala Theater /

The State Kupala Theater announced the action “Summer begins in Kupala Theater”. Participants of the event will be able to buy tickets to the children's fairy tale "The History of the Chocolate Tree" for only two Belarusian rubles.

But, as the Zerkalo website noted, the program for the performance was published in Russian. Although all performances in the theater, including “The History of the Chocolate Tree,” are shown in the Belarusian language.

The creation of a Russian-language program is another manifestation of the russification of the theater.

In the summer of 2020, the majority of Kupala theater's troupe supported protests against election fraud and violence by security forces. When the Lukashenka regime fired the then director Pavel Latushka, almost all the actors, as well as many technical workers, left.

The administration was able to resume the theater’s work only in March 2021. However, they were unable to recruit a sufficient number of actors, so they were invited from Russia.

Russification also affected other Minsk theaters. 

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