Yegor Sharangovich sets new record for Belarusians in NHL

Yegor Sharangovich /

Yegor Sharangovich / /

Yegor Sharangovich has set a new record for Belarusians in the regular season of the NHL. The Belarusian hockey player of "Calgary" scored his 31st goal of the season. He has 59 points (31+28) in 80 games. Mikhail Grabovski's record of 58 points (29+29) in a season was set in 2011.

"Calgary" defeated Arizona 6-5. Belarusian Vladislav Kolyachonok, who scored his third point in the third game of the season, played for the opposing team.

"Calgary" will play two more games, and Sharangovich has an opportunity to improve his performance. As you know, his team didn't make the playoffs.

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