South Korea to expand export control list against Belarus

The "blocklist" will include 1402 items.

The "blocklist" will include 1402 items. /

South Korea is expanding the list of export controls against Belarus and Russia. The changes are expected to come into effect by the end of August, reported.

According to the publication, the Ministry of Industry of South Korea will add another 243 items to the list of goods whose export to Belarus and Russia is regulated. The new list includes metal-cutting equipment, parts of optical devices and sensors. It is assumed that they can potentially be used for military purposes.

This brings the total number of items on the list to 1402. South Korea tightened controls on the delivery of such goods after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. The sanctions were expanded last year, and now, Seoul has been pushed to expand export controls due to the recent signing of a "comprehensive strategic treaty" by Moscow and Pyongyang. The government can review and approve a shipment case-by-case, especially the commercial deals made before the new sanctions.

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