Records and achievements


A 400-kg pumpkin has grown in the garden in Hrodna. The seed was ordered from the United States.


A man brought 8436 1-kopek coins to a Minsk bank seeking to top up his account.

The Guinness record holder has managed to tow a Mi-26 for 20 meters.

The Main Kampf's new edition was instantly sold out in Germany's bookstores.

The currency has set a new record today. As of December 14, 1 dollar costs 322.47 tenge.

The diamond was bought by a Hong Kong collected 7 minutes after the start of the auction.

The one-week-long holidays In China cause an insane traffic jam near Beijing

He has dedicated it to the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day and to war veterans.

The painting was in a private collection and has been displayed for the first time in 70 years.