How much are Belarusians paid?

We have looked into the salaries of Belarusians / @rubanau_collage

We have looked into the salaries of Belarusians / @rubanau_collage / @rubanau_collage

The data of Belstat on the average salary for November 2023 have been published.

Euroradio has learned how much Belarusians earn in different professions. For example, every fifth teacher lives on less than 700 BYN (219 USD).

According to official data, the highest salaries are in mining and IT - 3,781 BYN (1,180 USD) and 3,171 BYN (990 USD), respectively. Creators earn the lowest median salary of 1,000 BYN (313 USD), postal and courier services (1,085 BYN or 339 USD), as well as education (1,098 BYN or 343 USD). 

Information and communication

Representatives of this sphere are traditionally among the highest paid employees in the country. This is not surprising, as most of them are highly sought-after IT specialists. The average salary in this sector is 3,171 BYN or 990 USD, and of the 57 thousand people employed in this field, about 7 thousand have a salary of more than 10 thousand BYN or 3,125 USD. About 70% of Belarusians with such a salary work in this sector.

Education sector

One of the most numerous spheres, employing more than 340 thousand people, is at the same time one of the lowest paid in Belarus. No matter how much Lukashenka promises to raise teachers' incomes, their salaries can hardly be called decent.

Judge for yourself: the average salary of education workers in November 2023 was 1,098 BYN or 343 USD. If we look at the statistics by regions, it is even worse - in Vitsebsk region it is equal to 961 BYN or 300 USD. 

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