War in Donbass

"A shell crater. But when was the explosion?"

Video of the attempt by "Ukrainian saboteurs" to blow up chlorine tanks in Gorlovka was mounted on February 8.

From the UNIAN archive

Young man was detained by the Ukrainian security services. Later he was returned to his homeland and sentenced to 5 years.

Photo: Iryna Gerashchenko’s Facebook

The behaviour of Donets Basin representatives was the reason for leaving, Verkhovna Rada vice speaker Iryna Gerashchenko explained

Photo: ria.ru

282 tons of anthracite from the so-called ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ were supplied to Poland from Belarus in the past 10 months.

Yury Palityka in court. Photo: svaboda.org

Belarus national Yury Palityka faces espionage charges, demands a Belarusian-language interpreter in a Chernihiv court.

Minsk Dialogue expert Yauhen Preyherman

It will be harder for Belarus to convince the Kremlin why we are of a better use as a venue for talks than a home to their bases.

Pavel Grib. Photo: svaboda.org

Belarus is waiting for Russia’s reply.

Photo: tut.by

Vital Mitrafanau from Recyca, Homiel region gets 2 years in a labor colony for mercenary activities in eastern Ukraine.

Photo: svaboda.org. From left to right: head of Belarus Security Blog project Andrei Parotnikau, Polish MP Michał Kamiński and UCP leader Anatol Lyabedzka

Experts from Ukraine did not come to the international conference in Belarus organized by the opposition United Civil Party.