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Sabotage reports in DNR and LNR fake

"A shell crater. But when was the explosion?"

On February 18 and the morning of the next day, several reports came from the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" about sabotage prepared and happening. One by one, they turned out to be fakes.

For example, "People's Militia of the 'DNR' reported an attempt by "Ukrainian saboteurs" to blow up chlorine tanks in Horlivka. An action-camera video was attached to this report. Judging by the metadata, it was edited back on February 8. But it was filmed even earlier: the project where they worked on the video is called "2021-02-04 DRG.prproj".

Russian media also reported that a shell exploded one kilometer from the border with Ukraine in the Rostov Region. It allegedly happened on the morning of February 19 near the village of Mityakinskaya, 300 meters from residential houses. 

Similar reports from the same location were received in August 2014. Then (quite a coincidence!) the shell also exploded 300 meters from the nearest house.


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