Swede:If Lukashenka releases political prisoners, EU'll let him come to us

"At first, he needs to have an invitation. Then he needs to get a confirmation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I think we can do this. However, the main demand as you know is that Lukashenka should release political prisoners. I think if he releases all political prisoners, the EU will let him come here", - this is how pilot of the teddy bears plane Tomas Mazetti commented on the possible visit of Alyaksandr Lukashenka to Sweden, to Euroradio. 

Let us remind you, the organizers of the "teddy bears landing" invited the Belarusian state leader to Sweden for a meeting. This is how Per Cromwell, Tomas Mazetti and Hannah-Lina Frey reacted to the subpoenas to come to Minsk within 10 days for investigation actions sent to them by the KGB.

Euroradio asked whether the Swedes were preparing to meet with the KGB officers in Sweden or at some neutral territory. Tomas Mazetti said it would be much more interesting to meet with Lukashenka.