Belarusian political prisoners

There is "nothing sacred" for the Belarusian regime / collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

It makes no difference to the authorities whom to repress.

The state is obliged to protect children, but violates their rights and terrorizes families / collage by Ulad Rubanau

In Belarus, the children of activists are increasingly afraid of the police.

Katsiaryna Andreyeva at work in fall 2020/photo from social feeds

Katsiaryna was calm about her sentence

Belarusians need solidarity and heroism instead of fragmentation and victimhood / Euroradio

Popular commentator Siarhei Chaly argues that Belarusians should rally again and act or face a national disaster.

People detained at the protests walk out of the detention center on Akrestsina street on August 14, 2020 / Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

The story of Nadzeya who went through hell at the Akrestsina detention center in Minsk after the Aug. 9 elections.

Ivan Komar and Mikita Yemelyanau in court /

Seven human rights organizations are demanding a review of exorbitant punishment for the anarchists.

Raman Pratasevich / Euroradio

The young man has reacted to the fact that the trial will be conducted behind closed doors.


Ales Abramovich, Andrei Kasheuski and Mikalai Dzyadok were detained on 4 March.

Zmicier Paliyenka/ Screenshot from video

Zmicier Paliyenka faces administrative proceedings over a message left in social media by an unknown user.