Participants of commemoration action urge to support political prisoners

An action aimed at commemoration of the victims of Stalin’s repressions took place on February 28 in Kurapaty at 6 p.m. The participants of the action also urged to express solidarity with the political prisoners during court trials. 6 representatives of the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs watched them, BelaPAN informs.

The head of the movement "Young Belarus" Zmitser Kaspiarovich has said this, in particular. According to him, our solidarity is very important for the prisoners. To his opinion, the Belarusian authorities are ideological heirs of Stalinism, as they are trying to create an atmosphere of fear in the society. He called the action of the ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich, who had informed the society about the tortures in the KGB prison which the agents use to force people to cooperate with them,  a very brave one.

Halina Siuchyk, a mother of the politician Viachaslau Siuchyk,said that the innocent Kurapaty victims had no idea why they were killed. “And we have now idea now why the people who wanted to participate in the election are imprisoned", — Halina Siuchyk said. 

The participants of the action put flowers to the memorials, lit candles, and commemorated the victims of the totalitarian regime with a minute of silence under white-red-white flags. They also prayed for the current Belarusian political prisoners, and sang the anthem "God Almighty".