Police asked BPF to turn in their activists

Brest police appealed to the chairman of the BPF Party with a request to "provide them with information of citizens identified in the photograph". In the letter, received by the BPF headquarters in Minsk, police Lieutenant Colonel Kugach informs the party representatives that the Leninsky district internal affairs department of  Brest is conducting an inquiry in connection with an article published on the Charter'97 website. It reported that activists had tidied up Balahova cemetery in Brest and after cleaning it they lit candles in memory of perished soldiers. In addition, near one of the graves, they placed a white-red-white flag.

Chairman of the BPF Party Yanukevich told Radio Liberty that they would not give any information to the police. According to him, the party has no such information. However Yanukevich noted that recently, using photos from a variety of events, "bodies of political persecution" have been seeking activists and then punished them for acts of civil engagement.

In fact, there were recently initiated administrative proceedings against the activists of the Belarusian Popular Front and other parties from Hrodna, Lida region, Kobryn, who took part in the commemoration of the 1863 Svislach rebels.

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