Political parties and movements in Belarus

Photo: Radio Liberty Belarusian Service

The United Civil Party congress on 8 July elected a new leader out of four candidates.

Henadz Davydzka. Photo: BELTA

Belarus state TV chief Henadz Davydzka on Friday was approved as the chair of Belaya Rus public association.

Photo: Euroradio

Yanukevich will be his deputy.

Ex-presidential candidate Ryhor Kastusyou stands out as one of the candidates to run for the party's leadership.

The Belarusian Social Democratic Party 'Hramada' is set to stop operations due to financial constraints.

Euroradio asks the political expert to comment on LDP's proposal to increase presidential term to 7 years.

Photo: zib.com.ua

Liberal Democratic Party seeks a referendum to amend Constitution and increase presidential term to 7 years in Belarus.

Other events have been planned instead, official explained.

This should not be a national holiday. It is meant for a certain political grouping, LDP says in a statement.