Belarusians are losing patience and approve of more drastic methods of fighting the regime/collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio

Neutrals no longer join those who support the authorities, and protest-minded people want Lukashenka to be removed by force

"In these circumstances, the appropriate decision would be an expansion of opportunities for Belarusians" / Sample photo pixabay.com

Earlier, Latvian Saeima called on the EU to suspend the issuance of visas not only to citizens of Russia but also to Belarusians.

Franak Viacorka / photo from social networks

Franak Viachorka comments on a financial document obtained by Euroradio.

Mikalai Statkevich at a street rally / Euroradio

Opposition politicians have been behind bars since May 31. At first it was an administrative penalty, now it is criminal offence.

A memory photo in court / spring96.org

Courts in Minsk and Homiel on 27 January sentenced several demonstrators to fines worth a total of $2700.

Leanid Kulakou (right) in court on 27 December 2019 / spring96.org

The participants of unauthorized street protests against integration with Russia are mostly punished with huge fines.

A rally in Independence Square in Minsk on 20 December 2019 / Euroradio

Over 1500 people walked through downtown Minsk to protest against integration with Russia.

Затрыманне Сяргея Спарыша / spring96.org

He has been accused of waving his arms during the detention.

Mikalai Statkevich / Euroradio

The picket was part of the signature election campaign. It was legal, the politician said.