'I have nothing to hide' - Tsikhanouskaya's aide

Franak Viacorka / photo from social networks
Franak Viacorka / photo from social networks

The wave of criticism against the office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and especially her advisor Franak Viacorka has not subsided. It now has a targeted nature. For example, Viachornka's detractors recently handed over to Euroradio the financial report of the Woke Foundation, with his signature at the end. It indicates how much money the firm raised and spent in 2021.

The underlying message is simple: some criminal activity surrounds the organization's money, and Tsikhanouskaya's advisor is involved. 

We asked Franak Viachorka to comment on the documents. We give you his answer in full:

"My detractors are trying to make me look like a Dr. Evil who is hiding something, stealing millions. So, let me tell you what else Franak Viachorka did/does.

Here you can see what Valery Kavaleusky has to say about Franak Viachorka and the finances of the Office.

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