Lukashenka’s birthday presents: angel, Samara cross and Maybach


Lukashenka received about a dozen new presents last year and all of them can be found in the fourth hall of the Modern Statehood Museum. New presents will be displayed in September, acting director of the museum Syarhei Isakovich said.

One of the best-looking presents is the Samara cross. It was made for the 135th anniversary of Liberation of Bulgaria. There are souvenirs from different countries – Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia,”  Syarhei Isakovich noted.

Euroradio: Are there presents made of precious metals in the museum?

Syarhei Isakovich: "Nobody can say if there are diamonds or not. We have not tested anything, so I cannot tell you.”

You can find a Collar of the Order of the Liberator presented by Hugo Chavez,  a chain of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher presented by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, awards Patron of the century and Kind Angel of Peace in the museum.

And this is only a small part of all the presents. These presents were given to the President and to the country.

There is no tiny copy of the Maybach presented to Lukashenka by some Russian in the Modern Statehood Museum. “This is a presidential car the state received for free,” the President said. “I got it on my birthday and I gave it to the state. But for the Maybach, I would have had to buy a car with the budget money.”