Brest Regional Court rejects appeals from the Russian citizens convicted for beating up a young student in Belarus.

The Russian police have detained him in Stavropol Krai.

Karatkevich’s team demands proof or apologies now while their opponents want an independent commission to check all the signatures.

The tenge exchange rate has decreased by more than a third. It has happened right after the implementation of the free exchange rate.

Officials say that "these lines could get various ideological interpretations, not compatible with official position."

Vadzim Vasileusky died in Donbas in July of 2015.

Zmitser Hardzey said that the fight was caused by drunken Russians bothering his girl, and Zmitser stood up for her.

The stripes have such inscriptions as ‘I kill Ukrops” and “Hi! I am a Russian invader. ”

Together with Alyaksandr Kasinets, the paper mill will be visited by his deputy Mikalai Snapkou and the head of Bellespaperpram Yury Nazarau.