Belarusian oil tycoon’s 14-year-old son caught driving in Russia

The Russian police stopped a Mercedes E-200 with ‘cool’ Moscow number plates 001 in Stavropol Krai. Yason Almazau, 14, was driving it. He is Vital Almazau’s (Mazyr company Zahad-Trasnaftapradukt CEO) son.

Yason’s brother suggested solving the problem ‘peacefully’ at first. ‘A support group’ of Almazau’s lawyers and body guards arrived later. They used force against the Russian policemen.

A criminal case has been started against one of them for twisting a policeman’s arms. The man turned out to be a high-ranking employee of Zahad-Transnaftapradukt.

Here is a link to the video of the detention.