Pinsk college student attacked by Cossacks: three of them beat me

Student of the Pinsk Agricultural Technology College, beaten by the participants of equestrian hike Moscow-Berlin, is now at home in Hantsevichi. Zmitser Hardzey admited that he was not severely beaten and said that "there was nothing serious, and it is almost over, except the jaw is a little sore."

The guy did not really want to tell the details of the conflict in the college dorm. We only know that the drunk Russians were pestering his girl, and Zmitser stood up for her.

"They came drunk to deal with me about the girl, and the three of them beat me, adds the guy. There were actually four of them, one of them eventually stopped the fight. There was no police there."

During the fight, the Russians damaged the fridge, the doors and smashed glass vase in the room of the victim. Zmitser confirms that fight was about his girl Veranika, who is also in college and lived in the dormitory. Zmitser said that the drunken Cossacks were bothering the girl, and Zmitser stood up for her.

Veranika, in turn, admitted to Euroradio that she "signed the police non-disclosure document" and has no right to tell anything.

Belarusian police detained three participants of the fight. For two days the Russians were held in the temporary detention of Pinsk city police department as suspects, and on the third day (July 10), all of them were formally charged with hooliganism. Pinsk district prosecutor's office sanctioned their arrest for a period of two months for the time of the preliminary investigation.

According to the prosecutor of Brest region Ivan Naskevich, there is no political context in the actions of the law enforcement officers. They say the law is one for all:

"Our Russian friends behaved inappropriately. The worst thing in this situation is that we are always trying to be unbiased about every incident: if they initially apologized, took measures to undo the damage caused, then we would have done as brothers. Unfortunately, these steps were not taken."

Pinsk authorities solemnly, with bread and salt, and laying of wreaths greeted the participants of the equestrian hike Moscow - Berlin. The Cossacks were allocated free space to live and an entire floor in the dormitory of the Pinsk Agricultural Technological College. Employees of the institution said that the whole thing was organized by the department of ideology at the Executive Committee, or rather, Head of the Ideological Work and Youth Affairs Yury Bushyk. However, Mr Bushyk pretends to have nothing at all to do with helping guests from Russia.

"It's not a departmental dormitory of the executive committee, so we could not put  anyone there, swiftly said the official and 'ran away'. But I am not going to comment, all the best, good-bye!"

Interestingly, the head of the ideology department also knows nothing, because she was on vacation and had only recently returned. The ideologist of the college,  Svyatlana Prakapovich, who was on duty that night at the dormitory and had witnessed the fight, would not talk to journalists. Supposedly, she cannot do it  without the permission of the Director. The Director also said, after a moment's pause, that she is on vacation and directed the Euroradio to the executive committee. Admittedly, it looks too mysterious for such a simple matter, as hooliganism.

Incidentally, the Cossack campaign proceeded not only without the detained participants, but also with no ... horses. Brest was the last point of the horse hike route in the version as it was intended. After travelling on horseback from Moscow to Brest, 1,400 km, the expedition will proceed without horses. According to the organizers, they had to abandon the original format through the requirements of the Polish veterinary service.

According to preliminary information, in the night of 16 July, the campaign bus crossed the Belarusian-Polish border.

Photos of events in Pinsk with participants: