Tamara Savich

Belarus officials banned Katsya Nikitsina from playing ice hockey but she ended up high in Prague.
The biggest salary Belarusians received in 2015 was in July - more than 7 million rubles.
It is to participate in the 2016 parliamentary elections and nominate a single candidate for the future presidential elections
Euroradio reporter spots a bank in Minsk selling US currency for over Br18000.
Eighty percent of the ruble and 60% of foreign currency deposits are placed with banks for the short term - up to a year
Belarusian coins will be made of steel coated with copper, brass or nickel.
Every pack contains compressed banknotes equivalent to Br5 million.
Belarus should not take another credit from the IMF because the country already has a huge foreign debt, economist Leanid Zaika th
Belavia has no plans to cancel flights to Egypt after talks with Sharm El Sheikh security officials.