New center-right coalition formed in Belarus

У Беларусі ствараецца новая правацэнтрысцкая кааліцыя

Representatives of the four opposition organizations - the Movement For Freedom, the United Civil Party, the organizing committee of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy and the BPF - are working to create a center-right coalition. This is the first potential association in the ranks of the opposition after the presidential election.

Here is what Deputy Chairman of the Movement For Freedom Yury Hubarevich told Euroradio:

"We ahvw conducted these negotiations for months already. The negotiations primarily concern the situation in Belarus, the dynamics of its development in the light of the upcoming parliamentary elections, as well as in light of changes in the European policy towards the Lukashenka regime. We aim to influence these processes, therefore, we meet, discuss, create a plan to work in Belarus and internationally."

According to him, today it is too early to talk about the existence of such a coalition, consultations go on. It is known that the new structure is planning to establish a common list of candidates for the parliamentary elections in 2016 and to nominate a single candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections in 2020.

Photo: Fotolia