Human rights defender Andrei Bandarenka jailed for 5 days

He was punished for participation in a non-sanctioned picket. 18 people were detained in Minsk on September 14. They planned to hold a minute of silence near the  pre-trial detention center #1 in Valadarski Street, where 21-year-old Minsker Ihar Ptsichkin died under unclear circumstances.

On Thursday, Andrei Bandarenka's administrative case was sent back to the police for elimination of technical flaws. The policemen detained him when he walked out of the court building. Several hours later the court reconsidered the case and sent Bandarenka to jail, reports Radio Liberty.

The court also issued an official warning to Ihar Ptsichkin's mother Zhanna Ptsichkina on inacceptability of breaking the legislation. The court considered her guilty but decided not to apply any penalty sanctions or arrest.

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