Human Rights

Elon Musk and his "bird"/Euroradio collage

Access Now lawyer Natallia Krapiva on what the politics of one of the wealthiest men in the world leads to.

Almost everything can be called "extremist" in Belarus/collage by Ulad Rubanau, Euroradio.

Half a thousand people in Belarus are already considered "extremists"

Month (without) pride / sample photo by Euroradio

The stories of three queer people. How has their sense of security changed lately?

Outing is a crime / collage by Vlad Rubanau, Euroradio

The public disclosure of the covert sexual orientation is called outing.

It is dangerous to be gay in Kurdistan / collage by Vlad Rubanau, Euroradio

LGBT+ people may be among migrants stranded in Belarus. They are literally trying to escape death.

Money often beats human rights / collage by Euroradio 

Evil walks when money talks? Euroradio takes a look at the industrial giants who did business with authoritarian regimes.

EU flags / European Commission

Nine journalists in Belarus are targeted by a criminal investigation, three of them remain behind bars.

Riot police on the streets of Belarus in summer 2020 / Euroradio​

The Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections campaign calls on the authorities to stop repressions and hold a free election.

Rally for Independence of Belarus on December 7, 2019 / Euroradio​

The BY_Help campaign run by online activists in Belarus and abroad has by now collected approximately $40 000 to cover the fines.