EU comments on pressure on journalists in Belarus

EU flags / European Commission
EU flags / European Commission

Unprecedented pressure on journalists continues in Belarus. Nine media workers are targeted by a criminal investigation, including three journalists in police custody. Dozens of journalists were detained or fined for administrative offenses. A number of news websites remain blocked, most of the foreign media outlets saw their Belarus-based staff stripped of accreditations.

"We condemn the attacks on press freedom, the targeting of journalists, including by detaining them, stripping them of their media accreditations or by making all foreign journalists reapply for accreditation, and internet blockages by the Belarusian authorities," Peter Stano, lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy told Euroradio

The EU spokesman stressed that "journalists have to be allowed to do their job without intimidation and without facing artificial arbitrary restrictions by the authorities such as detentions or withdrawal of existing accreditations."


"Such actions are clearly attempting to limit the free flow of information and to hide the truth from the Belarusian and international public. The freedom of media and freedom of information is a key part of every democratic society," he stressed.

Mr. Stano believes that "instead of intimidating and hindering media in reporting, the authorities should focus on reflecting on and addressing the desires and aspirations of the Belarusian population as expressed in an unprecedented and peaceful way over the last few weeks."


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