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Zelensky ruined everything - Lukashenka


On 2 September, during a meeting with high-school students in Minsk, President Lukashenka admitted that he really wanted to ride a bicycle to work but the newly elected Ukrainian president Volodymit Zelensky had been first to do so.

"I'm always eager to get on an electric motorcycle or a bicycle and go to work," said Lukashenka in televised news broadcast on ONT. "But everything was ruined by Zelensky. President of Ukraine Volodya Zelensky. When he was elected, he said: I will ride a bicycle. So, I had to give up this idea. Otherwise, people would have drawn a parallel at once: Lukashenka heard from Volodya Zelensky that he would ride a bicycle and did the same. So, I refused. But this [riding a bicycle] is a great thing."

Interestingly, Lukashenka thought about riding a bicycle to work only after a quarter of a century in power. Zelensky became president only this year. In fact, he rides a car instead of a bicycle to work. Therefore, the Belarusian leader shouldn't have given up a good idea.