"We rock" to drag young musicians to stages of Minsk clubs


A project "We rock", aimed
at support of young musicians, has started in Minsk. First concerts in the
framework of this project have already taken place in Minsk club “Alex’s”. "We
 will take two sites
at a time since March 18 – a club “Manhattan” will join “Alex’s”. This site has
been chosen by musicians, who play Indi-rock, post-rock, folk-rock etc.

"Club “Alex’s” is a sort of “trash” site, – the
project’s organizer Anastasia Samusenka has told to Euroradio. – More hard concerts will take place there,
like metal, punk-rock. For example, the band “Addis-Abeba” told that they had
nothing to do in “Manhattan”, while “Alex’s” suited them well. Thus, there will
be a lighter rock concerts in “Manhattan”. We will organize concerts in “Manhattan”
every Friday".

It is interesting that "We
 will become a part
of a bigger project “Groove Nation”.