The ancient rite was dated for the end of the harvest time.

Lyavon Volski, Dai Darohu, Lyapis Trubetskoi, N.R.M. and Port Mone have won the prize Rock Profi 2014.

The Brazilian trash metal musicians have marked the band’s 30th anniversary in the Minsk club Re:Public.

Euroradio awarded the best musicians and bands of 2014 as Haina, Mutnayevoka, RSP, Akute and Trubetskoy ‘inflamed’ Minsk's biggest club Re:Public.

Lyavon Volski launches his new album Social Science at a grand gig in Vilnius.

The legendary rock band marked its anniversary on October 4. It was a return to the 90s for some fans.

Belarusian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and Russian bands made the line-up of the festival.

The band has given a concert in the open air in the club Loftas. 4.5 thousand people attended it.

Tlusc, :B:N:, IQ48, Litvintroll, 5SET5, Re1ikt, Znich headlined at the 25th festival of young Belarusian music near Bialystok.