Ukraine: Poroshenko orders to cease fire for one week

This statement was made by Ukraine's President Piotr Poroshenko in the evening of June 20, reports UNIAN.

Poroshenko stressed that the Anti-terrorist Operationа (ATO) forces will return fire only when attacked by the gunmen.

He also said that the house damaged or destroyed during battles with pro-Russian separatists would soon be renovated at the cost of the state.

Poroshenko earlier proposed a peace plan to stop the armed conflict on the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine. The plan envisages an unilateral cease-fire by the Ukrainian troops. During the cease-fire, separatists must lay down arms and release hostages and leave the seized buildings. Those who did not commit grave crimes will be amnestied. The Russian mercenaries will be offered a corridor to return back to Russia.