Ukraine destroyed by shelling as seen from satellite

On satellite google maps it is now possible to see how Grads (multiple rocket launchers) shelled the Ukrainian posts on the border with Russia. The photos were taken in July 2014.

Dalzhanski border crossing was controled by Ukrainian border guards for a long time. There was fighting, at first, it was captured by the DPR militants, later in June, Ukrainian border guards were able to recapture it from the separatists. Around the border crossing one can see funnels from multiple rocket launches.

And this is the border crossing with the Russian side. Just a few hundred meters, but the difference is astonishing. All the buildings are intact.

The whole world saw the pictures taken on a mobile phone near the Gukovo village in Russia. A local resident filmed the Grads fire. Euroradio spoke with the witness of the shelling. Russian Gukovo resident: Yes, Grads fired from us in the direction of Ukraine. And now the photographs from space show the consequences of this fire. The border crossing near the Ukrainian Krasnopartizansk is destroyed.

This is a border crossing in the direction of the Ukrainian city of Torez. It is in the area of Torez that the BUK surface-to-air missile system was first spotted, and which, some experts believe, could bring down the Malaysian Boeing.

Field after heavy Grad attacks 

Fighting for the Savur-Mohyla was very heavy. The reason is: from this mount the visible area is 30-40 km, and in very good weather you can see even the Sea of Azov, which is 90 km to the south.



Цяпер ад мемарыяла не засталося нічога. У жніўні яго цалкам разбурылі.

Donetsk airport was left by the Ukrainian military only because there was nothing left of it. At the satellite images you can see the very beginning of the airport defense operation. The new terminal is still there, but it was damaged by the firing. But in photos of google street view, you can see how the airport looked at different times.

Airport construction started

The new terminal is almost ready

The new terminal

And this is how it looks now