Vital Ruhain

Euroradio compares usual lunches patients get in hospitals in Belarus and around the world.
Belarus has requested information about one Facebook user.
The picture shows Yanka Kupala signed as... Yakub Kolas.
Belarus' jury gave 7 points to Ukraine and TV viewers – 10. Russia's Lazarev was put into No 1 spot.
The new regulation supposedly aims to ensure 'protection from unlawful interference in private life.'
But so far the Emirates Airline has not decided on flights to Minsk.
Minister Lilia Ananich says journalists should be 'constructive and more creative' when asked about the beaten reporter.
Euroradio went to Maladzyechna to check how the decree 222 has changed the lives of Belarusians in the province.
The dollar went up by almost 12% three months before the presidential election and 23% up there months later.