Russia Today's top manager banned on Facebook over comments

Photo: WPS
Photo: WPS

Facebook has banned the account belonging to Russia Today’s manager for communications and relations Piotr Lidov-Petrovski for 30 days. He reposted a video of Radio Liberty Bealrusian Service and added an ironic comment to it, reports.  

Radio Liberty posted the video Who’s not jumping is a Moskal on Facebook not long ago. Lidov-Petrovski reposted it with an ironic comment on Friday. His account got blocked a few hours later.

The video posted by the top manager of Russia Today was violating the rules of the social medium, Facebook administration said explaining the ban.

On Friday, Facebook deleted the post made by vice speaker of the Russian Duma Pyotr Tolstoi . He wrote about the death of Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the unrecognized DPR. His account got banned for a photo with Alexander Zakharchenko, representative of the German left Andreas Mauer reported on Saturday.

The video Who’s not jumping is a Moskal was recorded during the football match Belarus-San Marino on September 8. Our team won 5:0. Fans were shouting this chant, beating drums and jumping. The video can still be found on Radio Liberty’s Facebook.