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Photo from open sources
Photo from open sources
The data was sent even if the women did not have an account in this social network.
Photo: WPS
Photo: WPS
Facebook bans Piotr Lidov-Petrovski for 30 days for a repost with an ironic comment on Belarusian service Radio Liberty's video.
or How a Mobile Startup Banuba Plans to Get the Most Out of the Smartphone.
Viktor Prokopenya Invested $5 Million into the Outstanding Belarusian Augmented Reality Start-up - Banuba
During the meeting Aleksander Lukashenko got acquainted with mobile products, developed by the companies.
They became attracted by lower prices. As a result, today the Chinese citizens have bought about 15% of ".ee." domains.
The helium balloons will help connect people living in remote areas.

It will be replaced with new high-tech devices, he claimed in Davos.

It has been watched so many times that the service has failed.