Studio Total to close down

Studio Total has accomplished everything it was created for, Per Cromwell and Tomas Mazetti announced. They will switch to the network project NSID and close the advertising agency.

Belarusians know Studio Total for their notorious teddy bear airdrop action when the Swedes dropped teddy bears on Ivenets on July 4, 2012. However, Cromwell and Mazetti keep mentioning Belarus in their replies to almost any questions. For example:

— In what financial situation is your agency now?

Tomas Mazetti: “It is difficult to rule an agency when you have 80% of your participation in some other place. I mean the struggle against dictatorship in Belarus.”

By the way, Per and Tomas sold the teddy bear airdrop plane not long ago.

Studio Total has failed many times, Resume notes. That is why the public closing down may be just another PR action.

In the photo: Studio Total team. Tomas Mazetti and Per Cromwell at the back.