Teddy bear airdrop plane gets 11 times more expensive in one day

The auction will last for 6 more days. 

The single-engine Jodel from 1968 appeared on eBay on the night of September 17. The cost was $1.

“The only modification is a small manhole near the back window that we used for dropping teddy bears. The airplane can be used right now. The money will be spent on democracy in Belarus,” the lot description says.

According to the seller, the plane was used to cross the Lithuanian-Belarusian border on the morning of July 4, 2012 and to throw teddy bears on Ivatsevichy. The pilots photographed Minsk and left Belarus.

The event drew a wide response worldwide. Several people including photographer Anton Surapin were detained on suspicion of helping Swedish advertiser Per Cromwell. The frontier guard who let the plane cross the border was imprisoned for 2 years.

In the photo: Per Cromwell with his wife during the historical flight.