Teddy bear airdrop

Anton Surapin who spent a time in a KGB jail for taking pictures of parachuted teddy bears in 2012 wins moral damages in court.

It is impossible to prove that the crime was committed, prosecutor Lars Hedwall said.

The 5-year experiment is over and they need to move on, said the founders of the Swedish PR company that organized the teddy bear airdrop in Belarus.

The plane was auctioned on September 17 with the initial price of S 1. It's cost grew by nearly 12 thousand times in a week.

The people are ready to pay $ 11 thousand 100 for it at the eBay auction.

The money will be spent on struggle for a free Belarus, says the lot announcement.

The head of the State Border Committee has announced it at a press conference in Minsk today.

The Swedish Prosecutor General's Office has announced it today.

He was considered guilty in breaking official obligations by failure to inform about the plane to the corresponding sub-divisions of the Defense Ministry.