Pavel Sviardlou

US Ambassador Julie Fisher in Euroradio's studio

Euroradio's Chief Editor Pavel Sviardlou asks Julie Fisher about the Belarus events overshadowed by the war in Ukraine.

Protests in Minsk / Euroradio​

The election in Belarus means suffering and no stopping of samsara, Euroradio editor-in-chief Pavel Svyardlou writes in his op-ed.

Withdrawal of nuclear weapons /​

Lukashenka claims that our country sold itself short. But was there anything to pay serious compensation for?

Alexander Lukashenko, Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin in 1999 / Reuters

How Minsk and Moscow planned to become closer but fell out with each other once again.

Vadzim Zamirouski,

Euroradio has examined a closed part of the Belarusian budget revenues. And it is very interesting.

Russian Ambassador in Minsk Mikhail Babich /

5 leading non-state media organizations have made a joint decision to boycott Russian envoy's news conference on Crimea.

Lyavon Volski / Euroradio

The musician was not surprised at Lukashenka’s interdiction to mark the 101st anniversary of the BNR in the stadium Dynama.

Doctors do not breach confidentiality but should they report to the police every time an underage girl had sex?

A Munich Security Conference session in Minsk, Belarus. This and other images in this story are from Reuters.

The Munich Security Conference core group's meeting in Minsk was all eyes on the 'dialogue' between the Serbian and Kosovo leaders