Street action titled National Flag Avenue in central Minsk - pictures

У Мінску прайшла вулічная акцыя, перакрываўся праспект Незалежнасці (фота)

Several dozens people, including opposition figures Mikalai Statkevich, Zmicier Dashkevich, Mikalai Autukhovich on May 14 came to Kastrycnickaja Square in downtown Minsk to stage a street action titled "National Flag Avenue." The demonstrators were holding white-red-white flags while police officers took down their passport details and plainclothes agents recorded the people on video cameras.

The action took place in connection with 21 years since the 1995 referendum, which changed the state symbols in this country and deprived the Belarusian language of the only state language status.

The day when Belarus lost langugage, white-red-white flag and Pahonia coat-of-arms