Storm leaves 600 settlements without power in Belarus

У Беларусі больш за 600 населеных пунктаў былі без святла

The consequences of a heavy storm are being liquidated in Belarus. It crossed Belarus from west to east on Wednesday. Minsk, Mahilou and Vicuebsk Provinces were affected most of all.  The hurricane was accompanied by downpours and hail. Hundreds of houses were left without roofs, walls were broken and more than 1300 trees were uprooted. 8 airplanes were damaged at the National Airport Minsk. Over 600 inhabited localities were left without power, BELTA reports. The trains could not arrive on time due to a blackout in Asipovichy and Baranavichy Districts. Diesel locomotives had to be used. 17 people were injured, some of them are in a serious condition.

Adverse weather conditions and lightning storms will be also be observed in Belarus on Thursday. Minsk driving inspectorate is urging people to avoid driving.