About 20 people were released after the police investigators said the officer had committed a suicide.

Belarus' Foreign Ministry and State Committe for Military Industry say there are no Belarusian military specialists in Syria.


Reports suggest that military specialists from Belarus are among those killed and injured during an Israeli air raid in Syria.

Slavamir Adamovich/ Novy Chas

Poet Slavamir Adamovich has been under house arrest facing theft charges.

The animal was brought to the zoo on Wednesday night but found dead in its cage on Thursday morning.

Restaurant “Poedem, Poedim” near Kurapaty /

A fresh incidents near the restaurant as police pay no attention to the attack on the Kurapaty memorial defenders.


Investigators and exports have been working there together with the police since morning. Somebody has sent a bomb threat.


Three people have been seriously injured after the blast at a wood processing factory in Mahilou on the evening of 25 September.


Lithuanian frontier guards tried stopping a suspicious car but it fell into a ditch and turned over.