At the site of the Radon shelling/

Power units are not as protected as they may seem

Kharkiv's central square after a rocket explosion / National Police of Ukraine

Euroradio looks into several versions on how masterminded a hit on Kharkiv's central square.

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71-year-old Dag Wivestad from Norway is charged with imposing sexual acts on a 10-year-old Belarusian girl.

Investigation Committee

There is only one company selling products compatible with Belarusian cannons.

About 20 people were released after the police investigators said the officer had committed a suicide.

Syarhei Koval/STV

The police are investigating the death of the fantasy manor Litouka's owner but suicide is not ruled out.


Investigators and exports have been working there together with the police since morning. Somebody has sent a bomb threat.


Three people have been seriously injured after the blast at a wood processing factory in Mahilou on the evening of 25 September.


The military sources say a drone flew in dangerous proximity near a passenger jet, was in the area without permission.