Roma detained after policeman death released in Mahilyou

The Roma detained on May 16 are getting released in Mahilyou. They were detained after the murder of driving inspector Yauhen Patapovich. More than 60 people were detained and accused of hooliganism. Their detentions apparently were somehoe connected with the death of the policeman.

Patapovich sent a message about being abducted by people ‘looking like gypsies or Caucasians’, the Telegram channel reports. No official reports have been made so far. Patapovich, 22, was found dead 30 minutes before the mass arrests of Roma.

They were accused of ‘hooliganism’, the released people told Radio Liberty. About 20 people were let off on May 19.

Only men living in Mahilyou communities Chapayeuka and Hrabyanyova were arrested. There is a strong Roma community living there.