Lynx caught in Lelčycy dies after beatings

The lynx caught in Lelchytsy has died. The animal was brought to the zoo on Wednesday night and was found dead in its cage on Thursday morning. People had severely beaten the animal, Belarus Today reports. The injuries were fatal. The lynx was probably beaten by Lelchytsy inhabitants who wanted to chase it away from their houses.

The lynx was hunting hens in then town for about a week, Euroradio reported. It was probably brought up by a local inhabitant and fled, some sources report. People started complaining and it was decided to catch the lynx – policemen, rescuers, hunters and employees of the communal services department took part in the operation. The lynx was caught and delivers to the zoo. It was beaten and exhausted. The dead animal was sent to Kalinkavichy to check whether it had rabies. The animal managed to bite several people.

Рысь, якую злавілі ў Лельчыцах, памерла: яна была моцна збітая людзьмі