Belarus weather and forecast

Minister of Forestry Mihail Amelyanovich has flown across Minsk Province by helicopter.
The Minsk international airport worked as usual during the storm. The diverted flights are back to the hub.
Rescuers have assessed the damage in the aftermath of the hurricane that hit 26 districts in five provinces and the capital city.
The Minsk, Mahilou and Viciebsk Provinces are affected the most by the heavy storm yesterday.
Aftermath of a heavy storm that hit today the Belarus capital - in pictures
Snowfalls hit Brest and Homel Provinces at night. The precipitation will increase during the day.
Public buses are delayed in Minsk after Cyclone Daniella hits the Belarusian capital city.
Two workers could be seen repairing the roof of a house in Minsk's Karl Marx Street despite the heavy snowstorm.
Euroradio compares how communal services work next to the city bosses' headquarters and other areas in Belarus' capital.