Slavamir Adamovich: I will have to come back with scandal

Slavamir Adamovich on June 10 filed with the Belarusian embassy in Sweden his application for return to Belarus.  “When I found out how much it costs to translate one page of a document from the Norwegian language ((1000 NОК or 125 Euro), I remained sarcastic for the whole day. Naturally, I am sitting here not in order to pay such money for nothing. I sent the originals of the paperwork. I have little hope that the embassy will issue a necessary document to me. Well, I will have to return with a scandal...” the poet writes in his blog.

Slavamir Adamovich took a decision to leave Norway and return to Belarus in May this year. He fled Belarus in early 2000s. The poet who spent eight years at KGB detention center in Minsk in mid-90s for his poem Kill The President has now applied to the Belarusian embassy in Sweden for the documents to return back to this home country.