Serbia supports EU's resolution on sanctions against Belarusian officials

Serbia supports EU's resolution on imposing sanctions against the Belarusian officials, but that does not mean breaking bilateral relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia has stated, BelaPAN reports.

It can be concluded from the document that the EU urged Belgrade to take this step because Serbia was a potential candidate for joining the European Union.

"Taking the decision to join the EU's declarations, the Republic of Serbia is leaded by its national interests in the first place. Respect for human rights and the principles of free and democratic elections, as well as recognition of international electoral standards - all these are a part of the valuues, which Serbia shares with the EU, that is why Serbia supports the declaration first of all", — the MFA underlines.

Serbia's MFA also states that joining the EU's decision prescribes introduction of certain legal procedures at the national level. Decisions on restrictive measures against the Belarusian officials should be taken by corresponding ministries.

Restrictive measures do not concern ordinary citizens of both countries, stated in the message.